Not long ago, decayed and damaged teeth could only be treated with metal fillings. While this was a good option, one drawback was that the metal fillings didn’t blend in with the natural shade of your teeth. Another complaint was that some patients weren’t comfortable having metal placed in their teeth.

Fortunately, with the continual advancements made in dentistry, we are able to offer tooth-colored bonded fillings. Bonded fillings are made of composite resin materials that bond to your teeth to create a strong, durable, natural looking appearance. These composite restorations offer optimal amounts of strength and protection for your treated tooth. The special resin is also pleasing to the eye since it can be custom matched to your tooth’s natural shade.

During your procedure, the decayed or damaged tooth is first cleaned and dried. The decayed portion of the tooth is carefully removed and the resin is applied to the tooth’s structure. The composite resin is carefully molded to create a natural looking tooth and a special UV light is used to create a strong bond between the resin and the tooth. The tooth is finally buffed to create a lasting shine.

The great thing about bonded fillings is that they can be applied in a single appointment. This makes them a popular restoration option for many dental problems.

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