An implant supported denture is a type of denture that stays in place with implants. Conventional dentures rest on top of your gum tissues so can become loose or slip out. This can be embarrassing when speaking, eating or laughing. However, because implant supported dentures are attached to implants, they won’t move around or fall out. As a result, this creates a stable fit, which gives you a better fitting and more comfortable denture.

Implant supported dentures are ideal for people with enough jaw bone tissue to support the implants. Implants are imbedded into your lower jaw bone. Once the tissues heal around the implant, it fuses with your surrounding tissues. This healing process can vary from person to person but usually takes at least 3-6 months.

Additional surgeries will be needed to expose the tops of the implants so that the dentures can be attached to them. Both the implants and dentures will have special attachments to allow them to be snapped together.

While implant supported dentures can be made for both your upper and lower jaw, they are usually made for the law jaw. This is because regular dentures usually fit better for your upper jaw so don’t require the help of implants to keep them in place.

Just like regular dentures, you should remove your implant-support dentures every day to clean them. Proper care and oral hygiene are needed to keep your dentures and oral health in tip-top shape.

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