Dental Implant restoration involves replacing a missing tooth with a metal post. A dental crown is attached to the post of the dental implant to restore your smile. Dental Implants restoration replaces the missing tooth with an artificial one that closes mimics a real natural tooth. Implants are highly suitable when a dental bridge or denture doesn’t fit properly.

Successful implant surgery requires multiple procedures and time for the implant to fuse with the tissues. In fact, it can take several months for an implant to successfully fuse with your bone tissues. However, once bonded, an implant acts and functions just like a real natural tooth. Unlike dentures that can slip or move around, an implant won’t shift or become loose. Also, the strong titanium materials of the implant means that it won’t decay or breakdown like your natural teeth can.

One of the biggest benefits of an implant is that it supports your surrounding teeth and bone tissues. Once placed, an implant strengthens neighboring teeth and prevents shifting from occurring. An implant also helps to keep your bone tissues healthy and maintain your facial structure.

One of the consequences after a tooth falls out or is removed is that the bone tissues start to break down. This process is known as bone demineralization and can cause your jaw bone tissues to shrink since they are not being used. Because an implant replaces a missing tooth’s root, it prevents this from happening.

Dental implants are appropriate if you:
  • Have missing teeth.
  • Have sufficient amounts of bone tissue in your jawbone.
  • Have healthy teeth and gums.
  • Don’t have other oral health complications.
  • Aren’t able or don’t want to wear dentures.
  • Want to enhance your speaking ability.
  • Have several months to commit to the implant restoration process.

Because implant restoration is more invasive and requires multiple procedures, a thorough evaluation is needed to determine if you are a suitable candidate. Dr. Patel & Dr. Gandhalikar, Trenton Dentist, will perform a thorough examination to ensure dental implants are right for you. Contact our practice in Trenton to speak with us today.

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