The secret to maintaining a healthy smile is by practicing good oral hygiene at home. Daily habits, such as brushing and flossing, are important for keeping your teeth and gums looking their best. In addition, eating the right foods and avoiding sugary snacks is also key to preventing oral health problems. This means drinking plenty of water and avoiding sugary and acidic food will go a long way to keeping your smile healthy. However, regular dental visits are just as important for maintaining a healthy attractive smile.

The American Dental Association recommends that patients visit their dentist for a checkup twice a year. These checkups are important because oral health problems can develop without you realizing. Decay and gum disease can develop gradually and often with little to no symptoms. Your dentist can perform a thorough examination of your teeth and gum tissues to check for oral health problems. If there are any issues detected, they can be treated there on the spot before they can become serious. Your dentist will also give you oral hygiene tips to follow so you can keep your mouth healthy between visits.

At Trenton Dentistry, we offer professional dental hygiene services to keep your mouth in an optimal healthy state. In addition to routine checkups and cleanings, we offer:

  • Fluoride treatments: Our fluoride treatments help to keep your enamel strong and protect against decay. Compared to over-the-counter dental products, our fluoride treatments are stronger and more effective at protecting your teeth.
  • Gum therapy: We combine a number of techniques, such as curettage, root-planing, and local medication, to eliminate gum disease and bring your gums to full health by providing gum therapy service.
  • Professional breath freshening treatments: For people who are suffering from chronic halitosis (bad breath), our breath freshening treatments can eliminate bad breath and ensure your mouth is minty fresh.

Our skilled hygienist team will work with you so that your smile is healthy and amazing. Contact our Dr. Patel & Dr. Gandhalikar, Trenton dentist, to schedule an appointment. Our practice has been open for over 15 years and we proudly serve Quinte West and the surrounding locations.

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