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Jun 11

More than just Teeth

Our ability to eat and chew different types of food is dependent on a whole system of events that breaks down food into pieces that we can swallow. It involves much more than just our teeth.One of the most important aspects of our chewing system is our jaw joint, more specifically the temporomandibular joint. For …read more

May 16

Headaches from a dental perspective

Majority of the populations suffer from some degree of the headaches and migraines. Most people think that a headache or migraine is a product of stress, weather or an accident. Many of these can be related to weather or trauma such as accidents. However did you know that surprising number of headache and migraines are …read more

Apr 02

More cavities?

This is a legitimate question that has been asked of me countless times by frustrated patients who have made huge strides towards achieving better oral health and, yet, continue to get “new” cavities. In fact, I had a patient ask me this very question just last week when she was in for her semi-annual check-up. …read more

Mar 12

Crown FAQ

Remember last time you went to see your dentist? Many of you were told that you need crowns for your teeth. You were told. You heard of it. But you are not sure exactly what the crown is. So here are the most frequently asked questions about crowns. What does a crown do? A crown …read more

Jan 17

Are Your Teeth Being Too Sensitive?

Tooth sensitivity is a very common condition that affects people of all ages. It is estimated that tooth sensitivity, or dentin hypersensitivity, affects approximately 15% of the general population. It is also more commonly seen in individuals aged 20-50 years of age. The causes of dentin hypersensitivity include: Excessive or forceful tooth brushing Gum disease …read more

Jan 10

A Night Guard Mystery

Why is a night guard good for you? If you are suffering from tooth wear, it is possible that you were suggested to wear a night guard. A night guard is a wonderful device to protect your teeth from grinding together during sleep. This type of grinding is called “bruxism”. It is a side to …read more

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